About Litkam, Inc.

Litkam, Inc. was founded by Kevin A. Montagne in 2002. After decades in the technology industry Kevin became interested in the technical aspects of lighting and lighting control. He began programming for various types of events from concerts to conferences in the local Houston market. Based on this new found passion Kevin began looking for the opportunity to get more involved in the lighting industry so he formed Litkam, Inc. The fascination continues to grow as more creative outlets have been found. We have expanded into lighting design, programming, technical direction and lighting installs. Additionally, to provide better value to our install customers we are dealers for several manufacturers.

Kevin has performed lighting and/or technical design for numerous conventions and concerts in varied venue types -- from arenas to hotel ballrooms to churches. See our Gallery for some samples of his work. He has also assisted as a lighting and video crew member for several annual events across the country.

We have designed and installed lighting systems in numerous sanctuaries, youth rooms and children's rooms. We have also provided design services to a few small theaters. We consult on electrical and lighting designs whether it is new construction or renovations of existing venues. We can follow up these design ideas with installs of trusses, conventional fixtures, dimmers, automated fixtures and lighting control setups and other associated lighting effects.

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